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Who is Gary Carse?

Gary Carse is a children’s book author and this is a place to find out about his children’s books! 

Gary has been creating a wide range of children’s content for over a decade. He co-owns an animation production company, Carse and Waterman Productions LTD, where he produces original children’s IP for TV, film and online streaming platforms. You can find out more about his animation studio here:

Gary has been caring for his step-daughter since 2015 and is excited to be qualifying as a Dad in September 2021 with the birth of his baby girl. 

He has lived and worked in the city of Stoke-on-Trent since 2008.

Gary’s debut children’s fiction book, The Crab Who Went to the Moon, is an ocean story about social anxiety, friendship and being a good person (or crab, in this case). Find out more about the book here and join the mailing list to find out when it will be released (and to get free stuff!)

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The Book

The Crab Who Went to the Moon.

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