The Crab Who Went to the Moon

The Crab Who Went to the Moon

An underwater adventure story for 8-12 year olds.

The Crab Who Went To The Moon is a middle-grade chapter book, exploring themes around social anxiety, making friends and being a good person. The book is set underwater in a deeply polluted ocean and follows a crab called Shelly, who struggles with social anxiety. 

Shelly has never left her bedroom during the day before, preferring instead to be hidden away from other creatures, in the darkest corners of her rockpool cave. 

After a terrible experience left her permanently scarred, Shelly has spent the past nine years deliberately scaring everybody away. This has made her one of the rockpool’s greatest mysteries and an object of constant excitement and intrigue for the other sea creatures.

That is all about to change when Shelly wakes up one morning to find that her rockpool’s water is draining away! She is left vulnerable, without water, and at the mercy of two hungry seagulls, who chase her out of her cave into the open ocean.

Now Shelly must face her greatest fear: other people! 

She just wants to refill her rockpool and get back to the comfort of her own bedroom, but will anyone be able to help her (if she can even ask for help in the first place)? Will she survive the dangers of the wild ocean? And if she does, is she going to be able to face those two seagulls when she returns?

“Hey, errr…” Omar began, raising his eyebrow. “Not all octopuses eat crabs, yuh know?? …I’m a vegetarian!”

More information about the book

A family comedy fiction book.

Although this book has been written for 8-12-year-old readers (Key Stage 2), parents can find the storyline, characters and plot entertaining too! A lot of the humour has been written to make a parent smirk while their child blissfully enjoys the story. 

A children’s chapter book with social anxiety at its heart.

At some point in our lives, we have all felt anxious about meeting a new person. Shelly represents that group of children who find it extra difficult to engage with new people. 

At the beginning of the story, Shelly is a recluse who will not leave her bedroom for worry of bumping into people that she doesn’t know. As a hatchling, Shelly had a traumatic experience that left her with some deep-rooted trust issues. Nine years on, and she is still hiding in her cave, scaring everyone away with spooky noises and scary costumes. What the other creatures do not know, is that like most introverted people, Shelly is not actually alone at all…

A sealife book that makes ocean pollution engaging for children.

The story is set in a heavily polluted ocean, with a muddied backdrop of litter, oil and microplastics. Rather than being too forward with an environmental agenda, the book simply portrays the effects of ocean pollution on its main characters. Stomach aches, hacking coughs and polluted backgrounds are all featured as part of a subtler effort to raise awareness in children and the problem of ocean pollution has been woven into the very fabric of the story.

Soon to be available as an eBook, Audiobook and Paperback.

For maximum accessibility, the book will be made available as an eBook, as an Audiobook and in paperback edition. 

The eBook is currently being distributed by Amazon and Smashwords.

A limited, special edition hardback cover book may appear in the future.